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Mental Toughness

Instead of running from hard things I now welcome them... I am constantly growing into better Husband, Father and Friend...

Sam P.

When I started up CrossFit again it really was due to me being a little fed up with myself.

I was in a tough spot at work that I could not control and it was affecting my confidence and my ability to regulate my emotions.  I was out of shape physically and I had no power to prohibit myself from becoming out of shape mentally and that lack of control really put me in a rough spot.

One day I was just complaining about my situation to a very good friend, who just said come do Crossfit with me, it will help. I knew it would help but my current mental state defaulted to dreading how difficult it would be to get going again and I immediately created a myriad of excuses that allowed me to shed any sign of personal accountability. Luckily my friend was persistent and kept pushing, but the final push came from my wife. She knew I needed an outlet to pursue something that would elevate me mentally and help me see more clearly, so she bought me a membership and just said “go!”

It was pretty terrible at first.  I had fallen so far and my lack of mental toughness had me wanting to quit everyday and to be honest I cut reps because I couldn’t deal with the pain.  Despite continuing to cheat myself, I was still making small wins each time I went and the soreness I carried throughout the day was a reminder that I had done something for myself for no other reason other than that it was hard.  I rallied myself around that mantra and tried to do more and more and more each day until I was pushing myself as hard as I ever had before at any point in my life.  I sought out the pain instead of running from it.  I faced it.

My focus and perspective on difficult things had changed and my stress response to certain situations at work had all but vanished.  Now my workout is the hardest thing I encounter on a daily basis and my ability to work through previously very stressful situations has become a breeze.  The situations are no less important or vital but my ability to handle them and control my stress response allows me to work through them with a clear mind and open eyes.  There is actual science behind this, but I will forego trying to explain it at the risk of messing it all up.

This has led to me being happier, calmer and more present for my family and my friends.  Instead of running from hard things I now welcome them and because of that I am constantly growing into better Husband, Father and Friend through the accomplishment and experience in dealing with and thriving within those hard things.

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