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CrossFit Kids Beginner Classes: Our CrossFit Kids Beginner Classes are designed to introduce young athletes to the fundamentals of CrossFit in a fun and engaging environment. These classes focus on basic movements, proper form, and building a foundation of strength, coordination, and agility. Through games and age-appropriate workouts, children develop a love for fitness while learning the importance of teamwork and perseverance. Perfect for kids new to exercise or those looking to start their fitness journey!

CrossFit Kids Advanced Classes: For young athletes who have mastered the basics, our CrossFit Kids Advanced Classes offer a more challenging and dynamic workout experience. These classes build on foundational skills, introducing the barbell, more complex movements and higher intensity workouts. Emphasis is placed on technique, strength development, and improving overall athletic performance. Advanced classes are ideal for kids ready to take their fitness to the next level and compete in a supportive and motivating environment.