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Personal Training after Postpartum

All the work I've done beyond helping me physically has been so so good for my soul...

Paola O.

I still can’t believe that when I first joined, I was in the thick of postpartum recovery, I couldn’t even walk or sit without feeling like I wanted to cry. I couldn’t even hold a proper sit up at first, and I feel so much progress.

But beyond that it has been nothing short of life changing. I used to be so anxious I would never set foot in a gym alone. All the work I’ve done beyond helping me physically has been so so good for my soul. I feel better, more confident, more energy and all around more motivated.

Even with all the curveballs life has thrown our way this past year, I feel like it has given me perspective. I can’t change what happens, only how I show up.

We’ve tried many gyms, and have never felt so much passion and care from each and every single one of the coaches. You all genuinely care that we succeed, not just that people sign up. You guys are always there to help modify without making us feel silly. You always check in on us.

I never thought I’d be someone who enjoys waking up at 5 for class but here I am. 😂 and it feels more like waking up excited for therapy honestly. I miss it when I travel for work or can’t make it.

Thank you for all you do. For building Sochac into what it is and continuing to help every human that walks through your doors find the best version of themselves in so many ways.

And special shout out to Sandra because she has believed in me in a way that makes me believe in myself, pushes me in a way that gives me confidence and helps me always…

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