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Spartan Races

Katie O.

...ok let's do it.

I first started running spartan races back in 2014 in Montana just heard about one and thought “ok let’s do it.” My first race was a 13+ mile race with 35+ obstacles and one of the hardest things I had ever done at the time.

When I finished I didn’t know whether to cry because I finished or because I hurt so bad but what I did know was the feeling of doing something so treacherous and finishing was something I wanted to keep doing!

The fitness aspect of racing is outstanding you get to work your body to the core and enjoy doing it with your friends next to you! I have done 7 races this year and plan on at least 3 more! My ultimate goal next year is to do 3 in Hawaii and an Ultra which is 50K and 60+ obstacles in Texas.

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